MG Weekend tour
Wie ben ik|Who am I


Over the year I have some specials planned, have a look at the agenda to see when these are planned.

The Liberation of Gennep Start: Gennep

  • Held around the 11th of February (see agenda for exact date)
  • This tour will focus on the liberation of Gennep. We will join the remembrance ceremonies at the Gennep bridge, the one on the cemetery and we will drive along some important and decisive points.
  • Duration: about 4 hours.
  • Costs: €10,- per person
  • Maximum participants: 8

Remembrance Run, for British Bike enthousiasts. Start: ????

  • Held around the 4th of May (see agenda for exact date)
  • Special for British Bike enthousiast, we will be building bridges. We will drive along some Triumph dealers in the area. We will visit some war cemeteries (Commonwealth ones and German). Along the route we will visit some special point where I will tell some stories.
  • This is a whole day event.
  • Costs to be detemined.
  • Maximum participants: no max.

Remembrance Sunday Special. Start: Gennep

  • Held on Remembrance Sunday (see agenda for exact date)
  • For the Remembrance Sunday Special we will travel to a war cemetery where we will join a ceremony. After this we will travel along some important routes for either Market Garden and Veritable. We will stop at some points where I will tell some stories.
  • Duration of the tour: about 4 hours.
  • Costs: €12,50. (including a poppy cross)
  • Maximum participants: 8

Vokstrauertag Special. Start: Gennep

  • Held on Vokstrauertag (see agenda for exact date)
  • For the Vokstrauertag Special we will travel along German War Cemeteries on the Niederrhein and if possible join a ceremonie. I will tell some about the background of the cemetery and also look things maybe from a different perspective. Not glorifying, but maybe with another insight.
  • Duration of the tour: about 4 hours.
  • Costs: €12,50.
  • Maximum participants: 8


What is included:

  • Me as a guide, I know the area well, I have stories to tell of the soldiers or relatives, I will show you where to look.
  • A global map of the route we are driving with a summary of events.

What is not included:

  • Transport: you will drive your own motorbike.
  • Lunch, coffee, tea, etc. (we will have stops for coffee, tea or lunch)
  • Accomodation (of course I am able to share some great places to stay)

You like to join a tour?

Please contact me when you want to join a tour, alone or with a group. When nobody makes a reservation for a tour, I will leave the option open to cancel the tour. In general your place in the tour can be booked upto two days in advance of the tour. A tour will take place with a minimum of 4 riders.

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